Law of One Summary: Session 10

Cosmic Christ

Article by Doug Esse

In my opinion, the exercises for empowering and accelerating our evolution towards the law of one in session ten is one of the foundational sections in the entire material. Read the session for yourself below my summary.

At the beginning of session ten, Don returns to the subject of Maldek and inquires more about the transfer. He wanted to know how the cosmic Law of One played out through the transfer of Maldek souls to Earth. The Ra group states that Maldek as a planet was able to host life at a much earlier time than Earth.

The population of that planet was largely mixed in polarity, like our Earth. There were positive souls and there were souls that chose the negative path. Overall, the population as a whole was confused it seems because their collective actions, thoughts, and thought content were congruent with the negative…

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