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You’re being scammed by enemies of America who occupy powerful positions in government and the media. November 2020 is the way we, the people, can fight back. Know your enemy. Ditch the masks. Rise. #Covid911

Editor’s note: Phoenix of P.I.R. said we’re in the midst of an energetic replication of 911, when Americans went into fear over the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. The Deep State is attempting to put the people into a permanent state of fear so they will give their constitutional rights away, allow the election to be stolen, and accept that they have to wear masks for how long? (masks are a symbol of slavery / the slave cannot speak back to the master). Medical authorities have told us (those who don’t watch MSM news) that masks aren’t meant to be worn for a long period — as it can reduce your body’s ability to oxygenate your blood. That masks do not prevent infection from spreading. That social distancing leads to depression, a sense of isolation, domestic abuse, drinking/drug addiction, and suicide. We need to, as a people, to resist the draconian rules and laws being put into place by these deranged communists who threaten the livelihood and welfare of the people.

From Saturn/Pluto Opposition (2001) to Saturn/Pluto conjunct (2020): CHAOS? Or “INTENSE CREATIVITY” — Exopermaculture

I keep harping on the fact that this year presents the rare (once every 38-39 year) conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, the two most “karmic” planets in the zodiac. The conjunction was exact in mid-January, with the public spectacle of impeachment first, then the fear-based Covid psy-op with horrific economic disruption soon afterwards, then, this…

From Saturn/Pluto Opposition (2001) to Saturn/Pluto conjunct (2020): CHAOS? Or “INTENSE CREATIVITY” —

Flowing With The Changes

Reflections of Riverman

Flowing With The Changes MP3

Good morning and many Blessings to each of you as We move closer to the Solstice on June 20thhere in the year 2020.

I‘m sure that each of you is feeling a lot of energy right now that may feel uncomfortable in a wide variety of ways.

The message for today is to stay in the middle of the stream of the erratic energies and to flow with all the changes that may be affecting you.

The keywords that appeared today are Acceptance and Manifestation.

The Sacred Space Meditation card I was offered today is Harmony.

The message of Harmony is,
“My heart sings in harmony with the Universe. I am always on key.”

What is arising in all of us is the greater sensing of fear. Not only in the world around us but triggering old doubts and wounds within us…

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Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Shirley Quaid

Fine examples of Western art.

Humoring the Goddess

A child of Oklahoma, Shirley Quaid has lived in numerous states as an adult,  but the trail always led back to home, Oklahoma.Her early upbringing on her grandfather’s farm in her formative years had a great influence on her work.Shirley began painting after her children were raised and had her first studio in the back of her husband’s offices in Wewoka, Oklahoma.Her childhood fascination with all things in the 1880’s fueled her eventual concentration on Western Art.She is fascinated with the spirit of living beings, both human and not,  and is happily surprised and delighted when she can reveal their life’s light in her work.Rural Oklahoma called her back in 2016 where she can be found on a daily basis in her studio happily painting images of the people of the American frontier in a representation style.More of Shirley Quaid’s amazing work can…

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Arcturian Group Message June 28, 2020 | Marilyn Raffaele

Rainbow Wave of Light

  JUNE 28,2020
Welcome dear readers.
We of the Arcturian Group as well as others on this side see you as a Light corp leading the masses and yet most of you believe you are doing nothing.  You are leading not with protests and overt actions but simply by the Light of your evolved  consciousness which of course goes wherever you go.   If receptive (able to align with) a person can be healed or awakened simply by being in the presence of a high resonating consciousness because there is only One Consciousness.
Those who  fully embrace duality and separation are only able to express themselves in ways that align with that level of awareness.  Do not pass judgement on how things should be playing out as judgement is always  based in concepts.   All is proceeding according to plan.
Life and even survival was…

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Law of One Summary: Session 10

Cosmic Christ

Article by Doug Esse

In my opinion, the exercises for empowering and accelerating our evolution towards the law of one in session ten is one of the foundational sections in the entire material. Read the session for yourself below my summary.

At the beginning of session ten, Don returns to the subject of Maldek and inquires more about the transfer. He wanted to know how the cosmic Law of One played out through the transfer of Maldek souls to Earth. The Ra group states that Maldek as a planet was able to host life at a much earlier time than Earth.

The population of that planet was largely mixed in polarity, like our Earth. There were positive souls and there were souls that chose the negative path. Overall, the population as a whole was confused it seems because their collective actions, thoughts, and thought content were congruent with the negative…

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A Good Day To . . . 29 June 2020 Collision — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 29th Is A Good Day To . . . duck and cover–or embrace every shred of pure Power you can get your hands on–there’s no in-between. We’ve been waiting for this re-match with Jupiter and Pluto, and it’s finally here: exaggerating clashes, the forces of destruction working to obliterate the facts, beliefs transcending all dangers […]

A Good Day To . . . 29 June 2020 Collision — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch. Evolving Hurts Like Hell!! <3

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Well here we are, right smack dab in the middle of the second half of these eclipse series and let me tell you, I am so ready to tap out!! But nooooo… at the soul level, we all volunteered for this incredible fun (not.) Knowing full well, what would happen to the body should we achieve our spiritual goals.

I think we tend to forget, that our physical body’s are biological degrading things we occupy for the trip thru life we are on. It is designed to degrade as it upgrades. There is a fallacy that we should be perfect (biologically speaking.) Never an ache or pain or dysfunction. Growing pains are real… in children as spiritually evolving adults!!

It is only this morning was I shown what planet (well star really) is my ruler, I was not surprised to see the sun. Before I was shown the sun, in…

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Crimes & Coverups in American Politics with Donald Jeffries

Crimes & Coverups in American Politics with Donald Jeffries

RedPill 78

What they didn’t teach you in school about Benjamin Franklin, The Freeemasons, John Brown, Abraham Lincoln, the Spanish American War, Prohibition, and more.

For far too long, American history has been left in the unreliable hands of those that author Donald Jeffries refers to as the court historians. Here he fights back by scrutinizing the accepted history on the assassination on everything from the American War of Independence to the establishment reputation of Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers, the Civil War, the Lincoln assassination, both World Wars, US government experimentation on prisoners, mental patients, innocent children and whole populated areas, the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and much, much more.