The Hidden King Documentary – (Pt. 1)

The Hidden King Documentary – (Pt. 1)

Charles Ward

Here it is the long awaited documentary about The Hidden King, by Digital Warrior Productions. The story about Joseph Gregory Hallett – King John III

Editor’s note: This is a provocative interview, whatever your feelings or beliefs relating to a possible new king of England. It is a well-done film, a glimpse into new possibilities for a New Age which we are officially entering into this year, 2020.


Forever Unlimited

Jupiter conjunct Pluto, June 2020

JUNE 26–JULY 2, 2020


The month ends with a bang!

Tomorrow, Mars strides into Aries, his
native sign, and we feel as though obstacles
to forward movement have at last been cleared.
Monday night/Tuesday morning, mighty
Jupiter and kick-butt Pluto come together,
suggesting a widening and intensification
of the difficult Plutonic revelations occurring now.
Crystal says of the month: “Two Eclipses have
given us a chance to release limiting beliefs,
expand our compassion and reaffirm our
highest identity. Multiple retrogrades have
facilitated progress on neglected priorities….
Although our physical movements may still be limited,
the stars thrust us forward, our gifts of intuition and
self-expression reignited, moving with renewed
courage, successfully demonstrating our path of power.”

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– Susan

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Jenny Schiltz: Next Steps in Anchoring in the Highest Timeline

Forever Unlimited

Wanted to drop a quick update. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Solstice/Eclipse/New Moon weekend! It was/is very intense mentally, physically, and emotionally.

My team has been sharing with me the importance of us continuing to anchor in and embody the highest timeline, particularly when we are feeling deep heart connection and joy. (To read more on how to anchor in the highest timeline, please click here:

With the powerful energies of the weekend, we can feel the two distinct realities and that the polarization & fear has greatly increased. All one has to do is browse through social media to see how we are dividing ourselves. Some would say that we are being purposely manipulated and…

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The Love That You Are | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

In all humility, I ask you to love.

You love by feeling love, so feel it. The giving of love is automatic, for love will not be still. It has to move. Love does not differentiate between giving and receiving.

Giving love is not an act of will. It is natural. Giving love is not a decision. The decision to love is a good step, but love is not a step. Love is consciousness.

No one is an authority on love. No one is a pro. No one’s love is higher than another’s. Love is its own master, and love reveals itself as it is.

Expounding on love is not love. Demonstrating love is not love, for love demonstrates itself.

You cannot give instructions on how to love. Love isn’t an instruction. Love is not an item. Love simply is.

Love is not self-conscious. It is better to…

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A Good Day To . . . 28 June 2020 Not In Our Stars — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 28th Is A Good Day To . . . do it. Mars sextiles Saturn, making for smooth, real-world efforts–just enough restraint, just enough push–and Mercury conjoins Vesta, rooting thought processes in highest values, which guarantees that what you plan and do will be in line with the essence of what you honor (less-than-satisfactory results should […]

A Good Day To . . . 28 June 2020 Not In Our Stars — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Deer Moon Astrology 6/27-6/28/2020


your weekend astrology report 1SATURDAY, 6/27/2020: Although there may be a disappointing lack of direction on some fronts today, we find some spectacular opportunities for breakthroughs. Mars is approaching a supportive sextile to Saturn that will continue to form until tomorrow when Mars arrives in Aries. We may find more satisfaction by clearing space than actually making any tangible progress. There is tremendous support for cutting away the ‘dead weight’ so that we can take a productive inventory of what is actually left. This is essentially a time for pre-planning, taking stock of our assets, and reviewing our situation to discover potential and opportunity that we may have missed at first glance. We shouldn’t be too concerned if we don’t arrive at a concrete plan of action today.


Today is the 179th day of 2020
87 days to the autumn equinox
188 days until 2021

Sun is in Cancer
Moon is in Virgo
Mercury is Retrograde in…

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