Simple, Sweet & Perfectly Imperfect ~ Cracking Open Fresh Beginnings

Thank you for sharing your special time! Congratulations!

Tania Marie

Summer Solstice rolled around quickly, as the hours, days, and years do now, and with the longest period of daylight came the lighting up of a new beginning in my life. Saturday 6/20/2020 was our wedding day igniting at 5:55 pm, but it was also a New Moon, Solar Eclipse for us PST peeps, Astrid’s third anniversary of her adoption, and preceded 6/21’s Father’s Day, which was also Joy’s departure from the Earth plane four years ago when it happened to be Summer Solstice and a Full Moon that year. It was indeed a very packed day and weekend, which was equally enhanced by a build up of astrological influences before and after, a very full week of prep, personal monumental shifts underway, and worldwide historical events unfolding to include a pandemic that was our reason for creating a virtual experience for this mountain matrimony event.

Please bear with me…

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Ancient Giants and the Ancient Alien Connection

Ancient Giants And The Ancient Alien Connection… Forgotten Mysteries of Our Past

Zohar StarGate TV

Dr. Aaron Judkins, like so many other researchers has stumbled across his own fair share of archaeological discoveries that defy a suitable academic explanation. These range from the human giants that once walked the Earth, to ancient sky gods that visited planet Earth. There are many things out there yet to be discovered, but trying to get it into mainstream science and alter us from an inaccurate path of historical teachings may be impossible. These huge secrets are buried out there, waiting to be discovered, and will change your life forever!

$20 to $40 Trillion Stolen to Destroy America, Weaken Society, Strip Wealth

$20 to $40 Trillion Stolen to Destroy America: Weaken Society, Strip Wealth & Assets w/ Dr. Sarhan

Sarah Westall

Dr. Robert Sarhan joins the program to explain how an ongoing racket has been implemented against the elderly to strip families of estates of all assets. According to multiple congressional reports and other studies, this racketeering has been occurring since at least 1980 and has stripped American citizens of $500 Billion to $1 Trillion dollars worth of real assets each year. Evidence exists that much of these assets are ultimately leaving the country. Members of Congress and Senate are well aware of this racket and have failed to do anything to stop the purge. Whoever is ultimately behind this massive crime is also behind the ongoing destruction of the United States.

“Mad Farmer” Thomas Berry, on THE BIG BANG . . . —

Okay folks, it’s time to remember that our prevailing fear of scarcity is deeply embedded within a much larger world view of which most of us are not even aware. Not at all. Whoever studies cosmology? To my mind, permaculture, if it really does include everything (and it does) needs to explicitly recognize and include…

“Mad Farmer” Thomas Berry, on THE BIG BANG . . . —

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – June 26, 2020

Rainbow Wave of Light

Remember that nothing happens by chance and whilst your experiences may seem that way they often involve many other souls, some because of karma and others who will simply join them. The Pandemic has given many people ample time to reflect on their life so far and decide where they are going from this point in time. It is a chance to reflect on your life so far and whether it satisfies your ambitions, because in many ways time is running out and a new era will come into being. The old ways have served their purpose very well, but a new way forward is beckoning for those who have set their sights on Ascension.

Everything that is presently happening is calculated to ensure that progress is maintained that will avoid any interference from the dark Ones that could cause undue delay to your progress. Do not despair regardless of…

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Patriot Intel Report, June 26, 2020

Patriot Intel Report, June 26, 2020


PIR Health Review will be up on Saturday.

Economics: No major changes of 10%. Everything basically up, with exception of cryptos. A lot is going on behind the scenes. (Venus direct – possible news regarding currencies). GCR and debt jubilee (forgiveness of debt).

Geopolitical/Energetic Overlay: Mars moving into Aires for six months. On the 27th, there will be a change in energy. Will enpower you and everyone else. Mars is the planet of war, personal/collective clashes. Do not be dismayed. Minneapolis is going to fire all their police. Giving patrolling duties to BLM, ANTIFA and Moslem Sharia law patrol. Women cannot be out after dark unaccompanied, etc. Women have to cover their face/head. Women who are raped can be stoned to death. Homosexuals can be killed. Remember the Brown Shirts of the NAZI party? ANTIFA are the foot soldiers and the thugs of the Democrat party. Democrats voted against condemning the violence and damage done by these thugs. Democrat leaders are condoning this behavior. Cities are being sued. Companies and residents are leaving. Look up the night of the long knives… the SS of the NAZI party killed all of the leaders of the Brown Shirts. Historical replication. Treason, insurrection, and sedition. India is blocking products from China. Chicago violence. London is lawless. Karmic times. Light will overcome the darkness.

Digital warriors, informational warriors. Shine a light on patriots who are supporting goodness and change. Highlighting patriot channels. Daily mission, click, like, subscribe. MIssion of the Day Suggestions:

Earth Changes: Large earthquake in China. (see Dutchsinse for earthquake news). Earthquake swarms. Locust plague in East Africa, Middle East, and India – threatening food supplies for millions of people. Extreme drought in California and Southwest. Three Gorges Dam in China… it may collapse due to worse flooding in 70 years. Puerto Rico, 3 massive fireballs.

Tip of the Day: Whenever you are caring for auto, use Lemon Pledge (for plastic dashes, vinyl, bumpers/fenders) preserves and cleans the plastic.

Word of Day: You will see some promises and prayers from the past answered.


[DS] Blocks Removed, Treason, Sedition, Crimes Against Humanity Cases Move Forward

[DS] Blocks Removed, Treason, Sedition, Crimes Against Humanity Cases Move Forward: RedPill78 & M3thods

X22 Report Spotlight

Today’s Guest: RedPill78 & M3thods


  • Pandemic, not any worse than the annual flu
  • Democrats pushing “second-wave” lockdown
  • Democrats pushing mail-in ballots, interference in election process
  • Deaths from ‘the virus’ were primarily in nursing homes under Democratic rule
  • Businesses leaving Democrat-run cities and states…
  • Demonstrating the ‘true agenda’ of the marxist far left controlled Democrats
  • violence in cities, removing statues, race card
  • Obama – Biden involved in treason & sedition?
  • etc.

Deer Moon Astrology 6/26/2020


Break The Rules

“Rules and responsibilities: these are the ties that bind us. We do what we do, because of who we are. If we did otherwise, we would not be ourselves. I will do what I have to do. And I will do what I must.”

Neil Gaiman, The Sandman: Book of Dreams

There is an exciting sense of curiosity in the air today as we look towards expanding boundaries and breaking free of restrictions. The continuing restlessness may distract us from the sincere desire to delve deep in a search for creative solutions. Restlessness may also lead to disappointment when we don’t see quick results in our new inclination to embrace new ideas. We should not forget that we are moving through a process of review under the retrograding Mercury — a process that must continue before we find a new sense of security and safety through improved understanding and more clarity.

The Virgo moon…

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