Ole Dammegard: On Battle Between Good and Evil

Ole Dammegard: On Battle Between Good and Evil – Good is Winning

Robert David Steele

Ole Dammegard is a Truth Seeker, Code Breaker and Peacemaker. Ole Dammegard, awarded the Prague Peace Prize, and adopted by the Apache Nation, is an author, International speaker, former journalist, musician (2 solo albums), composer (TV, and a short film), artist, inventor and investigator, who has dedicated the last 35 years to researching many of the global conspiracies. Millions of viewers and listeners around the world have taken part of his interviews and presentations. His main focus has been to find out the truth about the assassinations of JFK, the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and Princess Diana, plus the hundreds of alleged mass shootings (false flags) and terror attacks such 911, Norway, Oklahoma City and many, many more.