Hard daily duties|وظایف سخت روزانه

A Voice from Iran


An older man with a world of experience was complaining of the hard daily duties he had. Some friends asked him: “What are the daily duties that are bothering you this much?”


The older man said: “I have two wild accipiter birds which am responsible for taming.


Two rabbits that I have to be careful not to go out of their zone. I have two eagles, which I have to guide them, a snake in a crate and a lion that always has to be in the iron cage, and I have a patient to take care of.”


The friend said: “Oh my God. Are you kidding me? How can one human be responsible for all these wild animals?”


The older man smiled and said: “It is a bitter truth that every one of us is dealing with every day. Those Wild accipiters are our eyes. Those rabbits are our…

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