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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

There is life, and you roll along in it. You roll along on a smooth terrain or rough terrain. Always, you are rolling along in life.

You are you irrelevant of the conditions surrounding you. Conditions just ARE – you would agree with that, wouldn’t you? And you, greater than conditions, also ARE. The sights you see along the way are lovely or not so lovely. In any case, you are rolling right along.

The view you see is a view you are seeing. You are the one who takes notes on what you see. You see a tree by the road. Who is it that says the tree is beautiful to behold or not beautiful to behold? Who says the tree is green? Who says the tree is in your way or a landmark? Who says you are to climb the tree or eat lunch under its…

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Door Number 22: Justice

Laura Bruno's Blog

I finished the Justice porta-portal on Tuesday, June 23rd at 4:44 p.m., but I was “told” to post the write-up on June 25th, the day Venus stations direct. This is a commissioned piece, so some of the details remain confidential. The same person who commissioned Door Number 18: Peace of the Blue Irises asked for this portal. I actually had someone else ahead of her, plus another “Dream Guy” commissioned portal, but it felt important to do this one first — even before the ultimate theme presented itself. We had agreed on a different goddess, who may or may not arrive through a different portal.

As we discussed ideas, both the patron and I started having major dreams, synchronicities and feelings about Lady Justice. This was before the protests and riots began, but when they did, it suddenly seemed even more timely to paint this portal now.

In Tarot…

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Faith in the source of solutions

Love's Beginning

The answer to any perceived problem is a perception shift. Ego recommends reacting to perceived problems with lamenting or action perceived as fixing. If you invest your time in finding your willingness to experience perception shifts, you will find perceived problems solving themselves. The solving may involve you in some way, or it may not. You don’t have to know ahead of time. Simply put your faith and trust in the source of all solutions.

You don’t need circumstances to change, although they might. When you find yourself in a situation in which you wish strongly for circumstances to change, there is value in looking at that internal war you have going on, seeing your certainty that something is wrong. Is there someone in this situation that you are seeing as wrong? This is your opportunity to find your willingness to see that one as they Are. Learn to allow…

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