Download from the Mother: We are Transcending

Koyopa Rising

June 7th-Download made public now. As a shamanic-bridge, EM translates her downloads from the Divine Mother about a pivotal shift for all souls moving into expansion. This data seemed to be more specific to those who perceive themselves as Starseed-lightworkers in every walk of life. This goes deep into why we came here, how it will work, and how you are each coming online to help others heal and rise to meet the Cosmic Light within.

I am being guided away from social media, as in this now-phase it is not the appropriate space in which to assemble a focused group of people who will continue to grow and become a force for transformation in their own land and inner circles. I am set to depart Facebook in a few weeks. And provided the internet remains available, I will continue to share on YouTube and work with individuals and small…

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