Charles Ward: The Future is Bright

The Future is Bright – please don’t panic

The Charlie Ward Show

  • COVID-19 was downgraded in MARCH by WHO, CDC, etc.
  • People die everyday of various things
  • The ‘vaccine’ – track, trace, contact
  • Every gov’t was ordered to create chaos and fear
  • Rumors of 5G
  • Riots
  • All pre-planned for over a decade
  • All a cover-up for ‘draining the swamp’ – the Deep State
  • Taking down the fiat dollar currency run by the Central Bank system
  • Trump and the Alliance (world-wide) are working very closely with China, India, and Russia, etc.
  • Giving back our freedom…
  • Over 150,000 subpoenas have been executed against people all over the world
  • The Vatican has been emptied! And the Mafia bosses have been arrested.
  • Massive period of cleansing
  • Getting rid of corrupt organizations (CIA drug trade), NATO, United Nations
  • The Global Current Reset is nearly complete (NESARA, GESARA)
  • Now is the time to be calm – things are going to get a lot better
  • The future is very positive, cleaner, safer world than we have left behind