X22 Report, June 22, 2020

Other Nations Are Now Pivoting Towards The US, The Plan Is Working – Episode 2205a

The mortgage rates are holding steady and demand continues to rise, the economy is coming back quickly. People are now moving out of the big cities and into the suburbs. Trump is thinking about limiting immigration so the people of America can get jobs first. The EU nations are now looking at China the way the US views it.

It Has Now Been Unleashed,Patriots Know The [DS] Playbook,Countermeasures In Place – Episode 2205b

The [DS]/MSM are now the prey, the patriots are quickly removing everything they (the DS) put into place. The people are waking up very quickly. SDNY Attorney has been removed, which means a block is gone. The [DS] is now struggling to maintain what they had in place and it is failing, the people see clearly now, countermeasures are now in place.