Through the Looking Glass | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

You lead two lives or more. You play this role or that. You play out many scenes, and you switch. You are a many-splendored thing. All of the roles you play in the world are play-acting. You are on stage! Every day the curtains go up, and the lights go on. There is a veritable wonder of scenes. It is as if life in the world is choreographed, and all the dances spin around and interchange in various settings. This dance is very important to all the players. It is everything to them, from sun-up to sundown.

And yet there is another theater where all the sets are different, and the players are too. There is a liveliness and yet quite a different tone. I am speaking of the Real Theater, the Theater Supreme, the Land Of Love where all abide. This is a land that vibrates to…

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