Patriot Intel Report, June 19, 2020

Patriot Intel Report, June 19, 2020


Economic: No major changes of 10% up/down… green everywhere, globally. Major economic changes behind the scenes.

Geopolitical/Energetic Overlays: Solstice on Saturday, EDT 5:33 p.m. June 21/22nd Ring of Fire Eclipse. Seen in Asia, Europe and Africa. Dehli, 12:11 p.m. Saturn, imbalance of our ability to be free world-wide, restrictions. One of three eclipses, strong energetic times.

Geopolitical – big MAGA rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday. The mayor of Tulsa OK issued a curfew for the area where the rally is going to be. The reason for this… ‘individuals’ who have been involved in destructive events in other states will be coming in to disrupt the scene (ANTIFA/BLM, etc.).

CHOP in Seattle is actually nine blocks involved. The people within this zone are going door-to-door, knocking on the door and demanding they donate food or order food and have it delivered to the barricades. If the residents refuse, the invaders are destroying their property. No mail. No EMS. No fire department access. No commerce. The police were ordered by the City of Seattle to abandon the Police precinct office. The police are NOT allowed back into this area. These are anarchists… they have access to whatever is in the station, (guns/ammunition, computer systems, drugs, evidence, etc.). They have set up their own police force. Trump cannot send in troops UNLESS the State requests them. The anarchists are attempting to bait the President to get him to send in troops.

There may be some type of violence in Tulsa… do not let this stuff get to you. God wins. Victory is yours. Not all victories are won, but keep Hope in your heart. Miracles happen during the impossible. These times require faith and strength.

Earth Changes: 7.4 Earthquake near New Zealand. Extreme weather. Drought in Ireland. Heavy rains/floods on Ivory Coast. Drought in New Zealand. Heavy snows in northern Rockies (Montana and Idaho). Extreme division.

Tip of Day: Redunancy. Wear a watch. Your phone/cell coverage may go down. Do you have a back-up for your phone numbers/addresses, contact information.

Word of the Day: Get ready for clear instructions for what is coming.

Saturday: Special Report with Laura Walker of the Oracle Report