Patriot Intel Report, June 18, 2020

Patriot Intel Report, June 18, 2020


Economic: No major changes. Bobbing of the tide. Major changes coming, being developed behind the scenes.

Geopolitical/Energetic Overlays: Laura Walker will be doing a special report this weekend (Saturday).

Energetics – very intense. Upcoming Solstice (Sat/Sun, New Moon Eclipse on Monday). Big things will be exposed over weekend. DS in a panic. Within the Perfect Storm. Should come to a peak this weekend. Strong energetic wave.

Democratic war against history. Marxist revolution. Trump having a maga rally in Tulsa, OK this weekend. The Leftists are acting like the Taliban, renaming street, forcing people to their knees, destroying art. Orwellian Big Brother society. Rewriting history. Blocking “Gone With the Wind”. Crazy lunacy. Citizens are stepping up and objecting to this.

Earth Changes: 20,000 people evacuated in China, landslide/flooding. Hailstorm in Northern Greece.

Tip of the Day: Situational awareness. Be aware of what is going on. Find out what is going on in your area. If you see people protesting, don’t be curious. Stop, turn around and go in a different direction. Keep your car doors locked and windows shut. Listen to your intuition.

Word of the Day: God is going to give you some hidden keys that will open new opportunities.