X22 Report, June 17, 2020

This Is Not About The [CB] Economy, It’s About The Transition – Episode 2202a

The economic buildup that we are watching coming out of the pandemic is not the economy the patriots are creating. The [CB] economy is an illusion made up of fake stats, manipulated markets and suppressed precious metals market. Trump is using this to get to the next level.

What We Are Witnessing Is A Coordinated Insurgency, Operation COIN Is Underway – Episode 2202b

The [DS]/MSM are in the process of destroying themselves. The COIN operation is underway, the people are watching, the silent majority is growing. More and more of the swamp is resigning. The “How” is coming, it most likely will not be an all out assault by the DC, it will be an all out assault by the people. The narrative cannot be one of a dictator, it must be the people, the people will be the final push.

COVID-19: Why the Lockdown?

COVID-19: Why the Lockdown?

Collective Evolution


  • – What has happened since COVID-19 began
  • – Are we prolonging the pandemic due to the lockdown? Is the lockdown lowering our immune systems?
  • – Are masks and gloves effective?
  • – Why have so many doctors and scientists been censored? Have they been wrong?
  • Download part 1 podcast here – https://www.collective-evolution.com/…

Today’s ‘science’ is used for political purposes. In other words, science has been weaponized in favor of fake science.

So Long, Old Thoughts, So Long | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

This holding on to old paths in life holds you back. When you hang on, how far can you fly? Even when you hold on to a ribbon of nothing, you are still holding on. You have wound ribbon around your fingers, and you hold tight to the ribbon. You hold tight the way a baby’s hand holds on to whatever comes in its reach. You hold on to ideas. You hold on to the past. You hold on to ribbons of the past and flapping ribbons of the future, and you let this precise moment go, perhaps only to hold on to it later in retrospect. Let go to the winds that which belongs to the winds. Let the winds sweep your path clear. Let the branches fall. Let the winds of life prune your path so you can move forward. Let the winds blow away that…

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A Good Day To . . . 18 June 2020 Planned — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 18th Is A Good Day To . . . act to make real, permanent change, or to transform what you wish to re-make. Though Merc has just gone retro, we have this single-day window during which we can and should act or choose. The one thing we need to keep central to our efforts is […]

A Good Day To . . . 18 June 2020 Planned — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Abundance and Unlimitedness

Reflections of Riverman

Abundance and Unlimitedness
MP3 Replay

Abundance And Unlimitedness

Good Morning and Many Blessings to each of you who are wondering what will happen next in this global state of chaos.

Many choices arise for us when the energies around us become overly distorted. However, they can be equally diminished to the point where we feel that we have no choice at all.
As I tap into these two words I have to wonder … Why Today and Why Me?

So let’s look at Abundance and how that word makes us feel… When we see the world around us functioning in a somewhat balanced order we feel ourselves as fairly safe and happy. Even though we may have illnesses or a lack of money, we move through life’s patterns fairly smoothly.

Yes, there are always the moments of surprise, where out of nowhere something appears to knock us to our knees. However…

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Mike Bara Presents: The Plot to Poison Donald Trump, etc.

Mike Bara Presents: The Plot to Poison Donald Trump

DeanRyan TV

Geo. Floyd, hair/no hair, legs/no legs (mannekin), video made before COVID-19? Looking for more evidence…

Over 800,000 people signed up for Trump Mega Rally in Oklahoma.

CHAZ – CHOP, radical Leftist takeover in Seattle. MSM news blackout.

A tale of two worlds… those who still watch Leftist-dominated MSM and those of us are awake.

A fleet of Black Hawk helicopters flying west from Montana… towards Seattle?

Deer Moon Astrology 6/17/2020



“When Mercury is in retrograde, it’s the perfect time to revisit and restructure thought and belief patterns that no longer serve you. Ask yourself, how would I like to rewrite my story?”

Shukura Ama, Coffee With Shukura

Mercury turns retrograde later this evening in a surprisingly benevolent environment that seems to open the door to some sense of increasing security. We should not simply fall back into this atmosphere but rather, use this breather to look for tangible resources and valuable lessons from our past. Sensitivity over any lack of appreciation continues to be an important factor in our search for security. If our efforts are not appreciated, we can begin to feel that our efforts will be undercut or discarded. We are looking for a way to stabilize our position before we expend any more effort. Anything that seems to disrupt or threaten our security increases our sensitivity and weakens our resolve.

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