X22 Report, June 16, 2020

MSM/[DS] Feeling the Pain, Economy Coming Back to Life

The [CB]/MSM are now feeling the pain, the economy is now opening up and it is coming back to life. Homebuilder sentiment has posted its biggest monthly surge. Retail sales increase by 17% this month and Trump and his administration are preparing for stimulus.

The Deep State, Central Bank have NO allegiance to the people. They are only concerned about power and profit.

[DS] Worst Nightmare, A United People, The Plan Is In Motion – Episode 2201b

The [DS]/MSM worst nightmare is coming true, the silent majority is now becoming united, the country will soon see that the country is actually united not divided. What we are witnessing now is the country going through withdrawal from the [DS]. Does this mean that they are finished pushing events, no, but as they push more and more of these events the people see the truth.

It’s up to the People to take back the country. It’s about shutting down the Central Bank, the Deep State, and the corrupt politicians. We are in the beginning stages of the withdrawal from the old system…