X22 Report, June 16, 2020

MSM/[DS] Feeling the Pain, Economy Coming Back to Life

The [CB]/MSM are now feeling the pain, the economy is now opening up and it is coming back to life. Homebuilder sentiment has posted its biggest monthly surge. Retail sales increase by 17% this month and Trump and his administration are preparing for stimulus.

The Deep State, Central Bank have NO allegiance to the people. They are only concerned about power and profit.

[DS] Worst Nightmare, A United People, The Plan Is In Motion – Episode 2201b

The [DS]/MSM worst nightmare is coming true, the silent majority is now becoming united, the country will soon see that the country is actually united not divided. What we are witnessing now is the country going through withdrawal from the [DS]. Does this mean that they are finished pushing events, no, but as they push more and more of these events the people see the truth.

It’s up to the People to take back the country. It’s about shutting down the Central Bank, the Deep State, and the corrupt politicians. We are in the beginning stages of the withdrawal from the old system…

Tracking ET Traffic Through Earth Oceans…

Tracking Extraterrestrial Traffic Through Earth’s Oceans… INCREDIBLE E.T. BASES!

Zohar StarGate TV

One of Emery Smith’s most unusual missions took him to a base located deep under the Atlantic Ocean to examine a being that could not be brought to the surface. He shares what he knows on the prevalence of bases located deep under the oceans, some of which are buried deep below the sea bed. Many of these are located near sacred sites which serve as portals to distant worlds; others were constructed to track extraterrestrial traffic moving through the Earth’s oceans.

Host George Noory

Guest: Emery Smith

Divine Doorway and Portal Quotes

Laura Bruno's Blog

Every time I paint a portal “door,” even commissioned pieces, it involves a lot of internal processing and Dreamwork. This Lady Justice Portal is no different in that regard. Both the person I’m creating it for and I have been deeply focused and receiving all sorts of guidance.

Today, I received a sense that true Justice looks at all the angles, considers all the information on all different levels, including history. I suddenly got an “instruction” to write up all the quotes from my prior portals, in order, and post them on the blog. “Read the larger message opening through these doors.”

Keep in mind, I’ve painted these portals across more than a decade of linear time. Most came through dreams, intuition and visions, sometimes with years between each portal. Even so, the quotes read like some kind of cosmic instruction manual, building on the prior message even if I…

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Mercury Retrogrades 17 June 2020, And We Re-Think Ourselves — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Merc takes up apparent retrograde motion just before 5 AM UT on the 18th (the 17th, here across the pond, at 9:59 PM PDT), at 14 Cancer 45. First major aspect it makes heading retro (other than contact by the Moon) is a trine to Ceres in Pisces. The entire retro cycle occurs in the […]

Mercury Retrogrades 17 June 2020, And We Re-Think Ourselves — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

A Stranger in a Strange Land | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

When you first arrived here on Earth this time around, consciously, you didn’t know anything. Everything changed somewhat since your last time, and you seek to know the script all over again.

Even so, at the same time, you know deeper than time. You know deeper than all that you relearn so precociously, and, yet, Life on Earth is also old hat for you. Life on Earth recurs to you the way an old tune runs through your mind and heart, seemingly from out of nowhere. From where you remember this, how you know this, how your awareness arrives, you cannot say, yet a recollection slips out from somewhere, seemingly far away, or, seemingly, not even here at all.

We can say you are a genius who remembers that one and one makes two. Some kind of reconnection is made even as if it were not from within…

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Time to open your presents

Love's Beginning

You can get plucked out of your dream when you allow it. Every moment of stress, every contraction of judgment, is the old habit of clinging to the dream arising again. You can be still and look right through this.

When you are still dreaming, you can be gradually awakened to the dreamlike nature of what you are experiencing. Take this attitude toward everyone you meet in the physical or in thought. Everyone you meet is here to help you realize the dreamlike nature of what you are experiencing. Every situation in which you find yourself can help you realize the dreamlike nature of what you are experiencing.

As you turn more and more to thoughts from the Whole as a guide, as a reference point, you really begin to see the connection between thought and experience. Judgment keeps you from seeing how thought is related to experience. Judgment always…

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