X22 Report, June 15, 2020

It’s All Happening, Next Phase Of Economic Plan Set In Motion – Episode 2200a

The [CB]/MSM are pushing their agenda to bring the economy down again, the “second” wave is here but the people are not buying it, businesses are opening up and people are going back to work. May retail numbers are going to look a lot better than April. Trump is getting ready to cut taxes and promote stimulus for going back to work.

Swamp Creatures Exposed, Prepare For Shockwave, Silent Majority No More – Episode 2200b

The [DS]/MSM event push has failed again, people are awake, they see what is going on. The FDA has now ended HCQ emergency use, it is not what you think. The silent majority is no more, the people are ready to stand with each other, the time has arrived. The swamp creates are exposed, more shockwaves coming.

Monday Musings ~ Flower Reflections for Life

The best of good fortune bless your new life together!

Tania Marie

This is likely my last post until after our wedding, as this week is full of meaningful preparations. I thought that I’d leave you with some flower inspiration via thoughtful quotes and photos from yesterday’s garden tending. Everything continues to grow and bloom, reflecting the beauty of life in process.

I discovered our very first rose – this sweet pink one – was in continued awe over the vibrant

yellow lilies that are two-thirds open now, and squealed in joy over the flourishing baby clover and

the bed of wildflower plants that are joyously reaching for the sun!

Astrid was also very excited, as I took in our first Garden Tower harvest to her this weekend that overflowed the basket with her favorite delicious fragrant herbs.

A Steller’s Jay feather also wanted to join in the abundance that day.

Yesterday was a huge gift out back along our Forest Portal…

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Tell Gov. Inslee We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists, We Arrest Them!


The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Is MADNESS, They Are Demanding ...

The Autonomous Zone in Seattle has now given notice that they have a list of demands that need to be met or they will?????  They will what? Hold the area in Seattle hostage? Commit acts of terror? Deface and destroy the businesses within their new zone? Bully and steal from their new citizens of the Zone? Occupy the District Police Station? Fight with anyone they desire on the street? Shout to defund the police? Wall in the city?

It appears the terrorists have no bargaining power whatsoever. They have already done everything that would justify any source of negotiation, if, that is, the government were ever to entertain the idea of negotiating with terrorists. To see the list of terrorist demands, click on this article.

The newly occupied Zone of Terror (my name for it) is left with a Mayor shouting “Summer of Love” with no chance of re-election, and…

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Towards Midsummer

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

The days of Summer are upon us, bringing an abundance of flowers and insects, birds and bats, all adding to the chaotic show of colour, movement and sound.

Small trees and saplings put forth new growth bursting with colour and form…nothing is ordinary!

The cottage is shaded with climbing plants and trees, allowing the interior a beautiful coolness even on the hottest day.

Cotoneaster flowers and fruits as the bees flit from one tiny bloom to another…the birds will enjoy the fruits later in the year!

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” – Henry James

The fragile flowers of the Ground Elder shake their heads in the breeze, moving in a ghostly fashion in the late twilight.

“All in all, it was a never-to-be-forgotten summer — one of those summers which come seldom into any life, but leave…

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Get ‘er Goin’!

Humoring the Goddess

I thank you for visiting me and the Goddess this week while I was on vacation with my family up  nort’. Again. It is just a wonderful reprise to the daily grind of politics, viruses, hoarder houses, and such.

Even though these weekends are stressful as far as running around with three kids and three dogs, they are fulfilling. At least until my energy runs out. What these getaways also do is refocus my being to things that really matter in life.

But then you come home, kids go one way, you another. And there you are. Vibrating on the sofa, re-circling, refocusing, recharging and open like a toddler.

And you think — what now?

Who wants to go back to washing and folding laundry and doing dishes and mowing the lawn and sitting at a desk answering phones all day?

Who needs it?

If I have learned anything from…

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BEN FULFORD: Leaderless, Bankrupt America in Throes of Chaos and Revolution

Benjamin Fulford’s Weekly Geopolitical News & Analysis, June 15, 2020

Leaderless, Bankrupt America in Throes of Chaos and Revolution

The collapse of the United States of America Corporation escalated last week into what Chinese propagandists likened to the cultural revolution faced by China in the 1960s and ’70s.  The chaos is expected to escalate further during the summer months until there is a real revolution and not this elite-engineered cultural revolution.  The only U.S. institution maintaining its integrity in these grim circumstances is the military, which is standing by to make sure no mass bloodshed or suffering comes out of this political chaos.

Meanwhile, high-level negotiations between Eastern and Western secret societies last week ended in a deadlock after Asian leaders demanded Western subservience, something that will never happen, according to sources involved in the negotiations.

That means the world is going to go through a very dangerous and hot summer with no clear prognosis other than accelerating chaos, especially inside the United States.  There will also be an increasing danger of war using electromagnetic and nuclear weaponry.

Before going back to the East/West negotiations, let us take a look at what is really behind the cultural revolution inside the United States.  Here is what the Chinese communist government propaganda paper Global Times had to say:

“Neither the protesters nor Democrats have come up with practical solutions to address the long-standing racial problems, but are using the fury of the people to gain political benefit… more domestic problems and conflicts will appear in the future, and the unrest is just the beginning,”

In fact, White Dragon Society sources in Canada say much of the so-called Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests are being sub-contracted by the Chinese communists to Synagogues of Satan on the West coast of North America.  This is their revenge for the attacks being orchestrated in Hong Kong, Chinese intelligence agency sources confirm.

What the Chinese propagandists are not saying, though, is that the Chinese cultural revolution was started by factions of the Chinese communist government that wanted to deflect popular anger away from their failed economic policies and towards their political enemies.

The same can be said of the ongoing cultural revolution in the U.S. Elites are trying to deflect anger away from the Wall Street bankers and mega-corporations by stirring racial strife and trying to turn the people against the police.

If we look beneath the surface we find the Davos World Economic forum crowd at work using their age-old “Ab Chao Ordo” (Order out of chaos) crowd control mechanism.  There can be no mistake, the so-called coronavirus crisis and the resulting economic collapse was engineered by the Davos crowd.  Now, they are offering solutions to this chaos they created (in tandem with the Chinese).  In the words of Davos WEF head and founder Klaus Schwab “A Great Reset is needed to shape the post-COVID-19 era, prioritizing the need to redefine our social contract.”  Needless to say, they want to be in charge of redefining. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/06/responding-to-the-anger/

Fortunately, last week the U.S. military White Hats and their Farnese family patriarchs, took firm action last week by firmly jerking the chain of…

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Haven of Peace


Living Light

rough colored ocean wave falling down at sunset time

As a reflection of our inner transformation, our outer reality goes through a complete metamorphosis from darkness to Light. As the foundations of the illusionary reality are overturned, a haven of peace surrounds us created by the Great I Am Presence within us.

At our center is the Great I Am Presence of God. Encircling this Holy Light is the mind of our individualized self. Encircling the mind is the outer reality the mind creates. As a dreamer, our individualized mind is darkened because we are unaware of our inner Holy Light, therefore we create a dream reality of destruction and death through our choices and beliefs that are void of the Light of Truth.

In the awakening of our true Self, our mind methodically merges with the Divine Mind of God, becoming completely one. Divine thoughts of peace replace illusionary thoughts of conflict, changing the energetic vibration…

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