Staying in the joyful quiet

Love's Beginning

Any moment of disquiet is your feeling the resonance of the bondage in which you hold yourself. We will remind you endlessly so you can wake up–unpleasant feelings that you experience are never due to seeming happenings or conditions in a world. They are always an indicator that it is time to wake up.

You hold yourself in bondage because you think it is safer than experiencing yourself as you are. This world is a massive distraction in which you hide–one separate self in a mass of separate selves engaged in confusing and frenetic activity. You have never been hidden from your Creator, and there is no need to hide. You have been shining eternally, no matter how you have used thought to give yourself experience.

When you go to your willingness to be released from bondage, you allow your right mind to be revealed. When you allow your right…

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