Overview of May Heading towards June.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

may energies

And another month bites the dust!! But May at least has been an interesting month, (Do not mistake that to mean an easy one!!)

As I review the readings from this month, I found many people had many challenges, which is actually perfect. May was all about putting you into the situations that you needed to recognize your mastery thru and it avalanched on some people. Many (not all) truly seen how much they grew as they naturally approached whatever situation presented, differently. I have heard “I can’t believe it” so many times this month.

This new moon we just went thru was amazing too. It did not affect my ability to read (thank you moon) nor dd I lose my voice lol. For some people, it seemed to become a lazer to inscribe sacred symbols and/or geometry on people. All in prep for the entrance into May and awakening…

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