The Voice You Hear | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

I speak, and I use not words. That is to say, I vibrate love. I am Consciousness. Words speak for Me, and yet I do not speak them. I am like a Roar of Love. You can imagine how My Roar reaches the whole wide world and beyond. There is nowhere where My Roar of Love does not reach. The reverberation of My First Roar continues. This is the Voice you hear.

My Roar is happy, you understand. This is joy and love expressing in fullness. There is no word for My Roar, for My Roar that reverberates is also silent. My Roar is so strong that it underlies every single thing and Being on Earth.

My Roar has been called a hum. Roar is closer to the Truth, yet My Roar, which is Pure Love, is friendly. I call you to Me. It is that simple.


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