Put Down Your Swords | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Into your heart I blow life. I never stopped. I inhaled once, and now with full cheeks, I exhale. I breathed life into everything, and so I continue. This is effortless. I took one breath so deep, I am still exhaling. My breath is creating still. And what a panorama!

Think of the pictures My breath blew into existence. Think of what is yet unfolding. Think of this moment held by My breath, this most subtle energy that breathes life into life. In My one breath, all is held and yet held not. Infinity and Eternity and bamboo shoots and what is in your garden as well emerge from My breath.

My breath created your mind to manifest all the stories a mind can manifest. There have been billions, and there are billions more issuing from My one breath, running across your mind. Thoughts have occurred to you…

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