Sweet New Moon Wishes of Softening Potential

Tania Marie

Wishing everyone a beautiful New Moon of sweet possibilities. I’m feeling like a cool breeze has blown in carrying with it a refreshed and inspired energy around this Gemini Moon, and as if a softer layer has been revealed under any resistance that might have been present. It’s perfect support for the current book cover painting commission I’m working on that is a portal of possibility itself.

I was never hugely drawn to pink, except for when I was a little girl and now that the little girl me is so much freer within my inner world, wearing pink feels nurturing. There’s an innocent little faery giggle I hear in pink that feels like a burst of sweet strawberry icing on the tongue or puffy cotton candy clouds dancing in a baby blue sky. Perhaps the shedding of more and more layers has uncovered a magnetism for it. Pink feels…

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The Voice You Hear | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

I speak, and I use not words. That is to say, I vibrate love. I am Consciousness. Words speak for Me, and yet I do not speak them. I am like a Roar of Love. You can imagine how My Roar reaches the whole wide world and beyond. There is nowhere where My Roar of Love does not reach. The reverberation of My First Roar continues. This is the Voice you hear.

My Roar is happy, you understand. This is joy and love expressing in fullness. There is no word for My Roar, for My Roar that reverberates is also silent. My Roar is so strong that it underlies every single thing and Being on Earth.

My Roar has been called a hum. Roar is closer to the Truth, yet My Roar, which is Pure Love, is friendly. I call you to Me. It is that simple.


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Put Down Your Swords | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Into your heart I blow life. I never stopped. I inhaled once, and now with full cheeks, I exhale. I breathed life into everything, and so I continue. This is effortless. I took one breath so deep, I am still exhaling. My breath is creating still. And what a panorama!

Think of the pictures My breath blew into existence. Think of what is yet unfolding. Think of this moment held by My breath, this most subtle energy that breathes life into life. In My one breath, all is held and yet held not. Infinity and Eternity and bamboo shoots and what is in your garden as well emerge from My breath.

My breath created your mind to manifest all the stories a mind can manifest. There have been billions, and there are billions more issuing from My one breath, running across your mind. Thoughts have occurred to you…

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 22 May, 2020

Rainbow Wave of Light

Your experiences since 2012 that was the end of the last Age have clearly shown that you are going through change, so that you can release the old that serves no further purpose. You are in the process of a change that will lead you on to the next phase of your evolution. Clearly when one cycle ends another commences so it is necessary to do some cleaning up so as to prepare yourselves for the next stage in your evolution. More so it will separate the “wheat from the chaff” so that each one can continue to follow a path designated to allow for further development, at a level that gives you opportunities to experience the next stage necessary to expand your consciousness even further.

The future is set to ensure you continue your evolution having experienced many lives in the depths of the lower vibrations that were your…

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