A Voice from Iran


Nader was starting elementary school-grade one, and he was nervous and frightened. A grumpy lady was their teacher. She didn’t have any passion for teaching. Working all these years as teaching the same subjects, made her life boring probably.


Most of the kids were afraid of her. Nader was learning slowly, which was very reasonable, but to his teacher, he was a piece of work, a disappointment, and a waste of time.


Poor Nader finished his first year of primary school as an example of a loser to others. The teacher always pointed at him and said: “Do you want to be like Nader?”


The second-year, the unfortunate Kids, had the same teacher. Nader completely believed that he was a disappointment and just a dumb student. There seemed to be no hope for Nader at all. The second-year finished with bad marks as well.


The third year, a well-dressed serious…

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