Awaken People from your Sleep!

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

  The post below, and poem I wrote some seven years ago… I have no words at the moment, as I am busy just being in balance with nature, tending my plants and pricking out seedlings, as I think deeper, observing the Play and the actors within it.  Knowing soon the grand-finale is about to take it’s curtain call.. 

It is amazing though how  information seems to always fall just when needed… As if I am fed them to make more sense, as  yet more pieces of the puzzle slot together making more sense of the senseless within my mine.. What I am greatly aware of is TIME… It is speeding up even faster…. And TIME is running short..  I recently wrote another poem about time, I have yet to share…  Maybe it will follow… Who knows..  But TIME is precious, and we cannot waste a moment of it..  I…

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New Moon in Gemini 22 May 2020 Thoughts Take Shape — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The New Moon perfects at 2 Gemini 04 at 10:37 AM PDT on the 22nd and makes just a few close aspects; if we stretch a little, what we get is an Air Grand Trine with arms of Juno in Libra and Saturn-Pallas Aquarius with the conjunction of Sun and Moon making this GT temporary […]

New Moon in Gemini 22 May 2020 Thoughts Take Shape — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The Great Financial and Economic Reset of 2020 – Magenta Pixie

The Great Financial and Economic Reset of 2020 (NESARA GESARA)

Magenta Pixie

The energetics upon your planet at this time and in the time period you call ‘years’ going forward, due to polarity raise and dimensional shift that you know as ‘ascension’ are conducive for many system changes. One of these systems that will change is your financial and economic system.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick.

X22 Report Spotlight: Phase 2 of China Trade Deal…

Phase 2 Of The China Trade Deal, Weaken China, Rework Supply Chains:Bob Kudla

X22 Report Spotlight

Guest: Bob Kudla

Todays interview is with Bob Kudla. The interview starts off with Bob discussing the economy, that it will recover but it will take some time. China trade deal might not happen but because of the event the Chinese supply chains are being looked at and reworked. China is now weakened. Gold and silver are ready to move.

Flashing Lights In Your Eye — HighHeartLife

I’ve experienced this a few times over the past few years and haven’t spoken about it because I wasn’t absolutely sure of what it was at those times. And to complicate matters, I’ve experienced something similar but it was negative and I did write about it at TRANSITIONS in 2016. “I have been having […]

Flashing Lights In Your Eye — HighHeartLife

A Good Day To . . . 22 May 2020 Reality Wins — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 22nd is a Good Day To . . . vow to change ourselves, rather than demanding (or hoping for, or wishing for, or praying for) the world to change. Some of us may stick with the delusion that we definitely know how things should be, and we will indignantly wait for everyone and everything […]

A Good Day To . . . 22 May 2020 Reality Wins — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Two revelations about awareness

Spiritual Awakening

In 2012, I had focused my attention back on awareness itself which gave my joy and peace. But still, I wanted to dig deeper. Around June 2013, I was still focused on awareness. If awareness is what I am and if I am at the same time in everything, then I yearned for a clearer experiential understanding of that. How can I experience that I am pure awareness? And what is the connection between the awareness and the visible 3d world?

And as it often happened, such an intense wish had the power to call experiences to me which would answer my urgent questions.

The balloon-skin experience

One day around June 2013, I was waking up slowly in my bed. I felt as mere consciousness. There was nothing in me, not even my body. The strange thing was that I felt expanded. What came to my mind as a metaphor…

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A Voice from Iran


Nader was starting elementary school-grade one, and he was nervous and frightened. A grumpy lady was their teacher. She didn’t have any passion for teaching. Working all these years as teaching the same subjects, made her life boring probably.


Most of the kids were afraid of her. Nader was learning slowly, which was very reasonable, but to his teacher, he was a piece of work, a disappointment, and a waste of time.


Poor Nader finished his first year of primary school as an example of a loser to others. The teacher always pointed at him and said: “Do you want to be like Nader?”


The second-year, the unfortunate Kids, had the same teacher. Nader completely believed that he was a disappointment and just a dumb student. There seemed to be no hope for Nader at all. The second-year finished with bad marks as well.


The third year, a well-dressed serious…

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Washing pain away

Love's Beginning

Every moment is a binary choice between illusion and Reality until you give up the burden of choice. If you have frequent experiences of mental or emotional pain, you are deeply habituated to choose in favor of the illusion. If you are accustomed to choosing in favor of the illusion, you have a belief that the illusion protects what you are. This is a time now of breaking down of beliefs–surface beliefs and the fundamental beliefs supporting those–and watching emotional and physical pain washing away as you allow the beliefs to go.

Once you get the hang of choosing for awakening, for Reality, it becomes a habit. You associate the disappearance of judgment with ease, and it becomes obvious that you are willing to experience that ease. In that ease, you feel all the time how loved you are, and that love doesn’t come from a particular person or because…

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