X22 Report, May 20, 2020

First Economic Wave Ready, Next Wave Coming – Episode 2179a

The MSM are right on schedule, they are now pushing that the economy is a disaster, they are calling it Trump economy, no longer are they calling it Obama’s economy.  The pieces are in place, Trump has prepared the first wave for the economic recovery. We are now seeing mortgage apps increase again. Trump signs the EO instructing gov agencies to deregulate.

When Do Birds Sing, [DS] Corruption Is Exposed, [DS] Using PAN[DEM]IC For Cover – Episode 2179b

The [DS]/MSM are struggling, more states are opening, businesses are opening, the numbers are declining, people are learning about HCQ. Is this about the virus or something else? The declassification is being dripped out, more and more are brought into the mix showing they are corrupt. When do birds sing? The people must be shown, people need to see and understand, united not divided is the only way.

WH Directed Susan Rice Jan. 20 Email, et al

WH Directed Susan Rice Jan. 20 Email, Leaked Biden Tapes Trigger Investigation?


After famously denying knowledge of Spygate, then having her email declassified, Susan Rice has finally admitted that White House counsel directed her to write the famous CYA email. The leaked Biden Tapes may have already begun to produce blowback as Sen. Ron Johnson announces subpoenas in the Biden/Ukraine/Burisma mess and Mika and Nancy sound off on POTUS. Stay tuned!

Marrying the Beloved

Koyopa Rising

I woke up with the guidance to weave these things together for you. Please keep in mind that I am not Catholic, nor a member of any organized religion. The material that I fold together here is simple. It arrived through both dreams and synchronicities over the past few days. It is from the Mother, and it is about marrying the Beloved.

Organized religion is under the impression that they can keep captive the Divine essence that lives behind some of the translations appearing in your Bible. Those with eyes-that-see and ears-that-hear do interpret things differently.

How does one restore eyes-that-see and ears-that-hear? Through the purification of the body temple so that the Soul may be embodied once again and meet its Beloved Bridegroom in these transformational times.

It is noted that many have blindly accepted the translation that the Bride is the Church… the Christian Church, that is. This…

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Finding freedom in the forests and a Spanish Chestnut tree story

Stories from the Wood Wide Web

Forests can hide many secrets, can be a double edged sword for all human beings and animals. A place where you can be born, a place where you can die, a place where you can feel alive. 

In this post, I would like to talk about the biggest tree in my region, Catalonia, which is located in the Natural Park Montseny, not so far from Barcelona. Castanyer d’en Cuc (also knows as Castanyer Gros de la Casa del Bosc) belongs to the family of Spanish Chestnut trees. I had the great opportunity to discover it on excursion with my students some days before the schools were closed in March. I learnt that even in the past it used to be the home of a coal miner for year, so you can imagine how big it is inside!

The most amazing thing of the forest surrounding Castanyer de Can Cuc is…

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Create! | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

The Universe gives you the tools, have fun learning to use them. Like a child and their beloved imagination; color, paint with fingers and brushes, draw, sing, dance, jump, run…create the existence you want. Never mind what you appear to be to others in the process or how much talent you feel you have, just play for the joy of it all!

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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Bards of War EP87 – Captains, Sailors and The Storm

EP87 – Captains, Sailors and The Storm

Bards of War

Two Governments are operating in parallel… the Constitutional Government led by President Trump and the Shadow Government led by Hussein Obama and Bill Gates. Our part of this war is to secure our local communities as the Patriots fight to restore our constitutional government.

Bards Of War Podcast explores politics, culture, economics, faith, war and human nature by building context through story and narrative. Effective research will cross reference material to create a hybrid map built on qualitative and quantitative data cycling. This allows narratives to be developed, assessed and analyzed. This is the foundation of cultural analysis.

The podcast episodes are presented by Scott Kesterson, a U.S. documentary filmmaker, backpack journalist, researcher and writer.