X22 Report, May 18, 2020

Economic Roundtable To Open The Country, Forces Are In Place – Episode 2177a

The economy is now reversing, US homebuilder confidence is up, restaurant owners ready to open. Trump had a roundtable meeting with restaurant owners and other business owners on how to open the country. The MSM/[CB] have failed, the economy is coming back. The D’s are pushing the next stimulus bill, but the stimulus bill has much more in there that has nothing to do with what the people need or want.

FISA Is The Start, Think Chess, When Do You Attack The King, Think Optics – Episode 2177b

The [DS]/MSM event has failed. The [DS] weapons are being used against them. We have now learned that Trump has been taking HCQ. Barr came out and said that as of today he has seen nothing to push criminal charges against Obama, keyword, today. Criminal vs Military, the more you know. Optics are important.

Seeing through drama

Love's Beginning

Everything is all set up for you. Everything is perfectly set up for you because you are worthy. This means that as you step into your day, there is no error in what you encounter. If what you seem to encounter brings you joy, it ushers you along a joyful path. If what you seem to encounter seems to bring you a lack of peace, find your willingness, once and for all, to allow what blocks peace to surface fully and to be ushered out of your experience. When you serve yourself in this way, you serve all.

Love extends from what you are effortlessly. You are worthy of Love, and so are all. If any disturbing perception arises, it is a reflection of your original decision to experience disturbance. While experiencing this illusion of disturbance that could never be real, it would be possible to almost forget yourself. We…

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Mother Creator and the Divine Human

Koyopa Rising

I woke up with a dream yesterday morning, along with the guidance that we would now demonstrate and video-record the delivery of a message. It’s not that I haven’t delivered messages in front of groups before, but this is different. I like keeping things small and intimate. And this is why I am experiencing anxiety attacks, stomach aches, and hyperventilating at the thought of sharing my very intimate connection with this Presence on YouTube. Sure, I’ve shared many of the audio messages, but never have I been this open and exposed. It feels like an initiation to me… like I could die at any moment.

The dream:

I was living in another time and place. I was always around groups of people, having meetings and discussions. I could feel that the time-period and the region I was in was highly volatile. I felt like I was a small, middle-eastern or…

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Anticipatory Grief

litebeing chronicles

While one may say this is the perfect time to solidify a meditation practice, I am not finding this true for me. I will use the Calm app or be still for 3o seconds when the Calm commercial comes on but I am not drawn to regular sit down meditation right now. I will find myself staring out the window, mesmerized by nature’s stirrings. While walking outside today I was gently focusing on the buds floating on the breeze’s carpet, making soft patterns in the air. Simply observing the mist dance from the essential oil infuser is also relaxing and meditative in its own way.

These simple observations awaken me to the natural flow of life, undisturbed ( or less disturbed) by human manipulation. Have you noticed how alive Spring has been this year? The birds seem more active, the trees more vibrant and the sky more dynamic. We are…

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Populist Uprising? Elon Musk Gets RED PILLED!!!

Populace Uprising? Elon Musk Gets RED PILLED!!!

Dr. Steve Turley

Elon Musk Gets RED PILLED! That’s right! The Hollywood elite are having a temper tantrum over Musk’s call to all his millions of twitter followers to, in his words ‘take the red pill’. Well, we’re certainly going to take a look at what’s going on here, and why Musk’s tweet and the hostile reaction to it by our ruling elites are both demonstrating that the populist resistance against our political class is growing bigger and stronger by the day; you’re not going to want to miss this!

Will I be with my family after death?

Our Spirit

We received this question from Vincent:

“I am having trouble with my faith… I was an atheist until recently, then I turned Christian about a year ago. You guys both are sooooo knowledgeable on everything including faith…. my question would be, is there an after life.? And will I be able to be with my family in the after life.? I heard many spiritual videos you posted but I always have questions. I honestly feel very lost on what to believe. I have 3 kids and a fairytale marriage… my biggest fear is dying and never seeing them ever again s please please help! Thank you so much for everything you guys do!”

Our reply:

This was such a good question that we recorded our answer in the audio below.

family death thumbnail

You have our permission to upload this lecture to your own video platform and/or embed on your social media…

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Door Number 21: The Hermit Portal

Laura Bruno's Blog

I finished painting this portal on May 14, 2020, right around the time Jupiter went retrograde. I needed to wait for paint and glue to dry, but mostly, I needed better light for photographing it. Michigan rivals the Pacific Northwest sometimes! I love the gloomy days, but they don’t make for good indoor photographs. This “door” has been knocking on my subconscious for months. I thought I’d begin the weekend of March 29th, tapping into the world’s pandemic “hermit” mode; however, when the world goes crazy, I get busy. I’ve had so many sessions that I didn’t even start working on it until the week of May 4th.

As usual with these portals, astrological timing superseded my own plans. May 4, 2020 marked the actual crossquarter day of Beltane, when the Sun crosses 15 degrees Taurus. Beltane is a fire and purification festival, and also one of two key times…

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