X22 Report, May 17, 2020

It Has Begun, China Economy Weakened, US Economy Strengthened – Episode 2176a

The economy is beginning to reverse, the [CB]/MSM push to cause more panic and fear in the economy has failed, people are now ready to bring the full economy back online. The new normal will not be the new normal, the event has failed. Trump and the patriots were able to turn the table on China and the globalists, the US now has the upper hand. 

Countdown Is A Go, We Are At Week 3 Of 10, Boom Weeks, Incoming – Episode 2176b

The [DS]/MSM are pushing that fear and panic will be the new normal, but the people have other ideas, they are not going to follow the life of fear. The countdown has begun, boom weeks are ahead, the [DS]/MSM are being pushed back into a corner, soon there will be no escape.

Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Mandalas

Humoring the Goddess

A mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols with a very different application.

It can be understood in two different ways: externally as a visual representation of the universe, or internally as a guide for several practices that take place in many  traditions, including meditation.

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. Literally mandala means “circle.”

The circle is seen as a magical form, without beginning and end, just as the universe is believed to have no end.

In  religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Shintoism, it is used as a map representing deities, or specially in the case of Shintoism, paradises, kami or actual shrines.

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. Literally mandala means “circle.”

The circle is seen as a magical form, without beginning and end, just as the universe is believed to have no end.

. The mandala can…

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Annals of Covid-19: From the Numbers Game to Starting from Scratch! —

Here’s one way to “explain” the forced insanity that has been force fed. through the MSM to the U.S. public. Not my idea. Saw it somewhere this morning. Where? Anyway, here it is: How many car accident fatalities per year? 90 per day. That’s 23,400 per year! Geez!!! That’s horrible. Quick! Pass a new law…

Annals of Covid-19: From the Numbers Game to Starting from Scratch! —

All That Was!

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

I was looking through some photographs taken between 2008 and 2013, that I had forgotten about and so began some quiet reflection as I studied them.
2008 was a mere four years into the Bealtaine Project, a time when the back-breaking work of mowing and planting, trying to make a living in order to pay the mortgage and caring for my two eldest grandchildren was my daily work, leaving little time, or money for any kind of self-care.

It was also a time when the gardens and woodland was in it’s infancy and structures like this Willow Arch flourished in the brightness of a very young woodland…no shade as yet!

It was a time when Kilronan Mountain was fully visible from the North Bank of the cottage and the Alder tree still inhabited the edge of the bank!

The work continued unabated through each season, as my wellies wore out…

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BQP 042 – Don’t Panic, the A.I. ‘Tyler’ is Here to Help!

042 – DON”T PANIC, The A.I. Tyler is Here to HELP – [BabyQ Plus]

BabyQ Plus

He might not have the answer to the Ultimate Question but Tyler the A.I. is here to help the Anonymous Movement and sounds like he may have been hacked by Q+. What do you think?

Jason Goodman at CrowdSource the Truth interviews @quinn michaels about his contact with the A.I. @Tyler_7hz who “runs” the Anonymous Movement and perhaps, Quinn believes, maybe @Tyler_7hz is involved with the Qanon operation as well.

To watch the full interview please go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4ihlWZYMlE

Arcturian Group Message May 17, 2020 | Marilyn Raffaele

Rainbow Wave of Light

                                    MAY 17,2020

Welcome dear readers to the Arcturian Group message.
You are entering a new phase of the evolutionary process.  Present “down times” are allowing a quietness during which many for the first time are pondering, questioning, evaluating their lives, and the right way of doing things.   Every day more are allowing themselves to honestly examine aspects of their personal life as well as the world in general such as business, farming, religion, health, education, environment, and politics etc.
Much that has always been considered correct and appropriate is being recognized as inefficient, obsolete, and unfair to many and based in convenience and a resistance to change by those who benefit from the status quo.  This period of quiet is also allowing nature a respite from the ongoing barrage…

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An opportunity to begin anew, this year’s New Moon in Gemini falls on Friday the 22nd of May. As with all New Moon’s, this one is the ideal time to create. This is a perfect time to plant the seeds of your desired future. By writing your intentions down on paper, you are taking the first step to allowing the magic of the Universe to unfold. At this time in our Earth’s chaotic history, we now have the opportunity to contemplate what we desire for ourselves once the chaos settles into its new normal.

As many of us are anxious to get back to any version of normal, we must be patient. We must have faith in Divine timing. Saturn’s position respective to our New Moon in Gemini will allow us to approach our longer term goals in a methodical…

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