The remedy of Light


Love's Beginning

There is a deeper way of seeing. It is time now to place a priority on seeing what is True consistently. It is within your power, and your happiness depends upon it. When you are working toward your own happiness, you are working toward the happiness of all.

Every time you feel upset for any reason, we encourage you to look at it like this: My eyes are closed now. I am closing my eyes to what is True, and that is why I am upset.

If you persist in finding a source for your upset in a person or condition, you decide in favor of your own weakness, in favor of the vulnerability of others, in favor of the repetition of unhappy experience. You always have the power to decide for happiness. When you admit that any unhappiness you experience is due to your decision for blindness and not…

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For Mom…

Lovely! Happy Mother’s Day to your mother and all Moms out there!

Marina Kanavaki

She planted a yellow hibiscus in her garden.

Yesterday she looked closer and there it was,

out of all the yellow flowers,

one was half yellow – half orange/pink.

She was so happy

that I had to photograph it

and here it is.

Mom’s pink/orange-yellow hibiscus

Happy Mother’s Day… mom!

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