X22 Report, March 25, 2020

Patriots New The Playbook, Economic Stage Is Now Set – Episode 2131a

The patriots knew the playbook, they knew how to prepare. The patriots staged the economy to get everything they needed to move forward, this was done at an accelerated rate. The entire world has now been shown why globalism is not good. Trump has set the stage for the economy to take off, timing is everything. The patriots are in complete control of this operation.

Yellow Sky, Timeline Important, Panic, Suicide Watch – Episode 2131b

The [DS] players are struggling to keep this event alive long enough but everything they have tried is failing. Trump, Flynn are now sending out messages letting us know that something is about to happen, is it the storm, is it something else, whatever it is, it is coming. Panic is in the air, the sky is turning yellow, the booms are coming.

The Plan is to bring down the Deep State establishment. The Plan is to get rid of the pedos. The Plan is get rid of the Central Bank. The Plan is to drain the Swamp.

Crowd control to prevent Deep State false flags…