Patriot Intel Report, 03.26.2020

Patriot Intel Report, 03.26.2020


COVID-19 continues. Italy now has more (official/tested) deaths than China; Spain follows second; Iran is fourth; U.S. is 5th. With more testing, the statistics will rise.

Economic News: Senate has passed 2 Trillion dollar relief bill. Up to 10 trillion dollars will be flooded into the economy. Currencies are stable. Mixed in equity futures, mostly down. Metals mostly down. Crude oil is down, $22.52/barrel. Cryptos are mixed. Transfer into the new economic system is happening right now.

Geopolitical/Astrological Energetics: Russia is locking down. Very stringent procedures to stem the virus. Astrological… the House of Representatives could sign off on the bill today or tomorrow. G7 will be held via teleconference. Major conjunctions will be coming to a peak early next week. Phoenix will be posting an astrological interview on Saturday

Earth Changes: Floods in Middle East, including Yemen and the desert regions. In 2019, there were 496 non-seismic landslides world-wide.

Tip of Day: Do resistance training, lifting weights, will stimulate T-cell production and keep up muscles and bones. Isometrics. Bottles of water.

Word of Day: It is a day of divine connections and new opportunities. Keep your eyes open.