Our Radiant Presence

Reflections of Riverman

2012_05_24_1082_BWAwakening to Our Radiant Presence and shining forth during the darkness of our separation is not an easy task but a necessary one.

It can be devoid of color yet still remind us that We are so much more than these small beings on a magically abundant planet.

We are a part of that magic and have withstood so much to be present, right here and right now.

Let us give Thanks and Praise for every moment… even when the shadows of our past appear and feel as if they are enclosing us in a fog of misunderstanding.

For in these moments where all appears to be infringing upon our joy and freedom, we may begin to see the patterns of our lives through which we have held ourselves prisoner.

It is these streams of consciousness so deeply buried beneath the busyness of Life and which have been held under…

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