Headlines and Updates for March 26, 2020: New Q… & Who Would Have Thought? [videos] ~ March 26, 2020

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Ah, yes…I did hear Trump say that Easter would be important, and thought that to be very significant (in ways I don’t yet understand). For me, this kind of mirors when I heard Bush, Sr, make the his announcement of the “thousand points of light” when announcing the Iraqi war back in the day?

These two announcement are the exact opposite of the other in terms of meaning made by leaders of our country, the difference being leadership of the dark (Bush) being replaced by leadership of the Light (Trump).

Trump…yes Donald J.Trump, who is he? Like Starship Earth , my thought is that he is far more than he appears which will be revealed shortly. In the meantime, let’s hunker down in self-isolation, spend time researching what has been really going on in,under, and around Planet Earth. Most importantly, get into touch with your real self under…

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Global Experience within the Collective..

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

We grow and we shall Bloom. ~ My Water colour art~ We are all of us Part of the same Tree of LIFE… 

Sometimes you just have to step back and observe…  And as I observe all that is happening, while adhering to the restrictions imposed of quarantine here in the UK for the well being of my family and those in our community, I am also seeing a bigger picture emerging as our Global Consciousness is about to be reset…

Many of you here within our WP community who visit here and whom we have become kindred spirits, that have expressed our thoughts, both through our poetry, our stories and personal journey’s, know we have been  purging out the layers which have held us within the limitations of our minds pre-programming. 

We have been freeing ourselves, via letting go, learning to meditate as we find our peaceful centres as…

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RPN: Confirmed Again – No Outside Comms, March 26, 2020

RPN: Confirmed Again – No Outside Comms, March 26, 2020


We have some more military sightings to go over, some confirmation about yesterdays video and also our favorite anon returns to tell us yet again – NO OUTSIDE COMMS. And a few stories to round it out.

Hellywood elites are whining. Patriots are stepping up. More military movements. Los Angeles Sheriff arrested. Biden has violated the Logan Act (among other things…).

The (Panama) President’s Speech

Here is how a President of another, smaller country is responding to the virus crisis…

The Panama Adventure

Posted on Facebook by Calvin Froedge, Chris DeRose, and others on facebook. Thank you, whomever did this translation. It still almost brings tears to my eyes to read this yet another time.

you can see the original video here https://www.telemetro.com/…/cortizo-anuncia-cu…/2712278.html).

“Good afternoon, I wanted to take this opportunity to communicate to the country about what we’re doing and what we’re going to do. The world and Panama is facing a difficult moment. It’s a moment of uncertainty. This is going to be a hard war, a prolonged and extensive war, but I don’t have any doubt that we’re going to win it. A team has been established to mitigate all the effects of the virus, health effects, social effects, and economic effects.

How did we come to the decision to put these measures in place? In light of evidence. ‘You have to do this, you have to do that’…

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The Panama Adventure

We thought we had lockdown before, but this is an even more serious lockdown. I’m sitting on my terrace tonight and there is no traffic noise, not a car, not a rumble of a truck in the distance, nothing. It’s eerily quiet except for the birds, crickets, and the occasional sound of a neighbor or dog.

There was a 5pm-5am curfew but now there is a total 24 hr./day curfew. There will be no more ignoring the precautions and running around as you wish. Everyone is allowed only one hour out, and which hour is determined by the last number of your ID. This is for going to the supermarket, pharmacy, bank, gas station, or health care. It’s not for exercise, walking the dog, or anything non-essential. The police are out and about to enforce the rules.

The numbers came out today – 558 cases, 115 more than yesterday, 8…

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Climate Engineering and Geopathic Stress in Connection to the Rise in Illness

As the intense focus of purging aspects in the late degrees of earth-based Capricorn continues in 2020-2023, there may be an increase of seismic activities and other unexpected occurrences that affect vast stretches of land and sea.

What if the Coronavirus is having such a devastating impact due to people’s immune systems being compromised by a number of factors that have less to do with germs and more to do with environmental pollutions? Increased sensitivities are arising in people of all ages due to a toxic assault on our atmosphere and food by GMOS, EMF radiations (5G), and global climate modifications that have brought storms of chaos in the forms of massively destructive floods, fires and hurricanes, in addition to naturally occurring geopathic shifts. Meanwhile we’re being told we should all be ashamed of ourselves for poisoning the planet, when it has been shown that geoengineering is destroying the…

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