Where Love Grows | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Good morning, beloveds! I rush to your side. Do you feel My presence and how near I am to you and how dear you are to Me? You can only conceive of a tiny part of the great love I hold you in. The deepest peace of love you have ever felt is a mere drop of My love. My love does handsprings. My love jumps for joy. My love spills everywhere over everyone and everything, and still there is more, and you skim over it, hardly noticing.

You have had hints of My love. Look to My love. It is right here, full like the moon in this moment, fuller than the moon. My love is full of all the planets and galaxies and hemispheres, full of the gaps in between, full of all the rhythms of the universe. My love reaches all and contains all, and…

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