The Fire of Transformation

Reflections of Riverman

Sunrise 3.25.20There are moments when we are “caught between a rock and a hard place”, as the old saying expresses.

This morning ‘s sunrise, as  I looked out of my bedroom window was this fiery sky, which in a matter of minutes went from a deeper red to this color and then vanished, revealing a very soft blue-gray cloudiness.

This is the essence of transformation which all of us are experiencing during our dance with the C19 virus. One minute we are overwhelmed and the next becoming clearer.

The Element Fire is very necessary right now for all of us to embrace and learn more about as it completely changes everything that we have held on to, as solid, deeply rooted, and unmovable in our consciousness.

We have recently witnessed the fires around the world which have left rich and diverse parts of our physical planet in charred ruins, stressing all…

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