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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

You are a wonder who performs. An actor on the stage of life, you move around and stir things. In the midst of life, you ready yourself for it.

You dip yourself in and out of life. Runner by day, sleeper by night, you are immersed in life, which you yet hold off at arm’s length. You fight the existence of life, or you lag in it, or chase after it, or make too much of it or not enough. Sometimes you would kidnap life and hold it hostage. Sometimes you would abscond from it. You do have a mixed relationship with life, life as a whole and your own-seeming one.

Today let’s celebrate life. Today let’s dance with it. Let it swing you in its arms. Enjoin yourself with life today, and be its celebrant. Why not engage in it? Why not partake? If life is a…

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