Prince Andrew Rape Accuser Virginia Roberts’ Bizarre Claim About Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell ~ March 24, 2020

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Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Virginia Roberts

Editor’s Note: Oh yeah, baby…the truth is about to come rollin’ out like a runaway train! Stay tuned for more about how the elite have played at the expense of humanity. We also need to learn how to forgive those practicing this type of evil by remaining focused on Love, thereby allowing us to hold and BE in…

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We have suggested in the past that the “royals” can’t always be bothered with the inconvenience of real childbirth and have surrogate mothers do the hard labour. Perhaps the claims are also true of many of the “elite”.

Prince Andrew Accuser Virginia Roberts Claims Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell Asked Her To Carry Their Child

Virginia Roberts, the woman who accused Prince Andrew of raping her while she was one of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slaves, has now revealed that Epstein and…

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Headlines and Updates for Q’sday March 24, 2020: Sleight of Hand Tactics [videos] ~ March 24, 2020

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Biden VANISHES and 8 Other Things That Happened While Virus Dominated Headlines

More code-speak?

Pelosi warns against ‘poison pills’ as Senate negotiators near a stimulus deal

Apparently there’s a rumour that Pelosi DIED last week, which I found interesting because before I heard that, I was thinking she looked different. We’ll see.

The globalists never stop trying to pass legislation scams the People would not approve.

The question of the day: Why are the Democrats sneaking obscure inclusions unrelated to the coronavirus stimulus into the massive bill?

And voting by mail? Are you kidding me? They cannot hope to win the 2020 election unless they cheat. Even then—it’s impossible.

It’s obvious they hope no one will read the whole bill but fortunately there are patriots who are watching their every move. It’s not the first time they’ve tried to slide these sort of things into legislation and their sleight of…

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X22 Report, March 24, 2020

Trump Ready, It’s Time To Move This Economy – Episode 2130a

The [CB] is continuing with their agenda: “Push the global economy into a depression”. This is the coverup. Trump is ready to turn the entire economic system around, he has the [CB] exactly where he wants them. They will be completely exposed when the system starts to come down.

Keys Open The Door, Blind Justice Under The Law Will Return, Nothing Can Stop This – Episode 2130b

Trump and the patriots are ready, the [DS] has played their hand, it has failed. The patriots are now ready to make their move, locked and loaded, mission is a go. Q dropped more bread letting us know when, where and how this event started. Indictments are coming, blind justice under the law will return, this is going to be biblical, nothing can stop this, nothing.

Turley Report: The Democrats are DESTROYING Themselves…

Turley Report: The Democrats are DESTROYING Themselves…

Dr. Steve Turley

After weeks of bipartisan activity, the Congressional Democrat leaders introduced their own “bill”… all 1,400 pages of extreme wokeness, support for leftist interest groups, identity politics, cultural Marxist nonsense… It has No relationship to the COVID economic stimulus bill of the Republicans. The Democrats are showing themselves as being completely out of touch with Americans.