Cacti tacos

Sounds wonderful!

Our Little Red House

This isn’t one of those fancy recipes so it shouldn’t be too hard, especially if I can put it together. Just a quick meal that we make every now and then. They are cacti tacos which are made from Nopales cacti but you may know them as prickly pear cacti. You can grow your own prickly pear or buy it prepared from most stores in the southwest. If you grow your own you will have to remove all the thorns and outer skin before you prepare them.  Here is a link to how to do that on YouTube

They are kind of like a mix between green beans and bell peppers together.


This jar was on sale so we bought it and it saved time in preparing the cacti.

Nopales cacti have so many benefits to them which are:

Aids in weight loss

Anti cancer potential

Heart health

Improves digestion

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4 thoughts on “Cacti tacos

  1. Thank you Eliza, just now getting a chance to catch up on visiting you all. So sweet to mention my posts. We are having one of those weeks. Hope you get a chance to make some of these tacos, they are yummy. Have a beautiful week and stay safe out there.

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