Only a Corner of Life | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Summer sun or winter snow, life is simply life. It is like Old Man River who just keeps rolling along. There is a steadiness to life. Life doesn’t run out of itself, beloveds. Life is The Little Engine That Could.

Life meets you every day. It at least meets you half-way. Sometimes you do want life to sweep you up, and other times you don’t, yet life rolls along for you. It wants to be considered your friend. Certainly, life does not want to be taken for an adversary.

Life kind of feels that it is a controversial subject with you, that you have an on and off romance with it. One day it is in your good graces, and another you spurn it, yet life is doing nothing but rolling along. The scenery may be different. Sometimes the weather is hot or it is cold. Sometimes you…

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