The Umbrella of Your Thoughts | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

It is hard for My children to let go of things and thoughts. All material possessions are thoughts as well. Thoughts materialize in one form or another, clear or obscure, immediate or late. And so it is important to let go of thoughts that do not serve you well.

Every time you indict yourself or another, you have had a thought that does not serve you nor the universe.

The umbrella of your thoughts, however, is belief. You come from a premise. True or false, you hold your premises dear. In order to indict, you have judgment. In order to have judgment, you have belief in better and worse, superiority and inferiority. You believe in health and illness and build pavilions to them. You believe in wealth and poverty and build economic systems around them. You believe in opposites. Let go of such thoughts and embrace thoughts of…

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