Happy Spring Equinox!


Happy Spring Equinox! A Time for Renewal and Celebration of New Life, New Dreams and New Self!
In the Northern hemisphere the Spring Equinox (March 19th) symbolizes the start of spring and has long been celebrated as a time of regeneration, rebirth and renewal of Nature herself. The Spring Equinox brings us a balance of day and night, light and darkness, and therefore it is a time to balance every aspect of our life, including feminine and masculine energies.
In many old traditions, Spring is associated with the East direction, where the sunrise brings us fresh beginnings of each new day. It is a time of renewed hope that life will be blessed with new creations and positive energies. It is a time to awake our inner light and focus on growth of our dreams and aspirations that have been contemplated during the winter quietude and are ready to emerge…

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