X22 Report, March 20, 2020

Trump Just Revealed The New Economy Is Going To Be Incredible – Episode 2127a

Trump and the patriots are now moving forward with the new economy, removing all the road blocks shifting the entire world from a [CB] system to a people driven economy. He is removing regulations, taxes, etc. to help the everyday person. Trump revealed that the new economic system is going to be incredible.

Pill Hard To Swallow, Unsealed Much Will Be Revealed, Watch The News For [RC] – Episode 2127b

The [DS] continues to push their event, this is failing. Trump and the patriots are preparing for a major operation. Trump started the narrative of a cure and the MSM will not acknowledge it. The pill will be hard to swallow, but when the patriots unseal the indictment much will be revealed. The patriots have been sending messages that the storm is upon us. Prepare. It’s happening.

The Current Sitch–20 March 2020 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

We’ve moved, a ferry ride away from our old house, but what feels like a world away from Seattle. The new place is in a forested neighborhood near the water. Eventually I’ll show you some pictures of my favorite things here, particularly of two giant cedars, a pair of does that graze behind the house, […]

The Current Sitch–20 March 2020 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Mutual Liberation Continues as 4D Reptilian and 3D Human Matrices Switch Over To 5D: Coronavirus UPdate March 20

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen

With so much being reset in humanity’s 3D Matrix with the Coronavirus seemingly being used a smokescreen to divert from activities that are assisting with this process (as I’ve been sharing about), I’ve been curious about how the Reptilian AI 4D Matrix has been impacted. I checked in with Simone my Reptilian aspect, who has been serving as an ambassador to her species for several years now to help those that are ready to leave the Archonic programming and discover their true essence again. I have also served many women in session space with Simone (who keeps changing her name!) where we have liberated their Reptilian aspects together, unplugging them, and reminding them of their Divine essence. It is always a touching and very inspiring process!

Simone and other Reptilian sisters/brothers offered me reassurance in January that the Artificial Intelligence program that created/projected both the 4D Matrix…

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Chloroquine Explained, More Solutions Exist, Get Our Country Moving Again…

Chloroquine Explained, More Solutions Exist, Get Our Country Moving Again w/ Scientist Max & Dr. Joe

Sarah Westall

Dr. Joe & Scientist Max rejoin the program to discuss the real solutions that exist to fully solve the coronavirus crisis without the need of vaccines and other costly pharmaceutical programs. We discuss why South Korea’s numbers are so low and why Italy’s numbers are so high. This information is the key to getting our country out of lock down and back on track. See Dr. Joe’s and Max’s bios and contract information on my website show page @ https://sarahwestall.com/chloroquine-…

News Burst 19 March 2020 – Live Feed ~ March 19, 2020

Rose Rambles...

News Burst 19 March 2020

  • According to a press release issued by Vyborg customs authorities, a “Starduster” light aircraft built in the 1960s in the United States was first shipped in a disassembled state from Florida to the Finnish port city of Kotka, and the plane’s owner, a Russian national, then attempted to transport it to his home country by car. However, a customs inspection detected increased levels of ionizing radiation emanating from the plane’s cockpit, with a subsequent investigation revealing that the plane’s pilot would get a “yearly dose of radiation” if they were to stay in the cockpit for just 10 to 12 hours. This radiation hazard was apparently a result of some of the plane’s parts containing traces of radium-226 which was used as a component of radioluminiscent paint, which was used to coat instrument dials until the 1970s. As the plane’s owner lacked the papers necessary…

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Prayers to Archangel Raphael

Lord Raphael is the Divine Complement of the one whom we know on Earth as Mother Mary…

The Lightning Path

I have been wondering when I would be working with other Archangels. It is not easy just to call upon them. My personal take is that you have to have raised your personal vibration to be able to handle seeing archangels or deal with them. This might not be true for everyone, but this is how it has been for me. I was verbally told that Archangel Michael was my guardian angel (see my previous blog post Prayer to Archangel Michael). I had an acquaintance that turned out to have Archangel Raphael as her guardian angel. Simply because I had asked to see him for a message she asked about, Raphael had been hanging out in the background. Due to the turbulent times that we are going through with health and COVID-19, I thought it would be a good idea to post all of the lovely prayers I found…

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