The agreement|توافق

A Voice from Iran

Once upon a time;

A Shepperd took his herd of sheep to graze.


In the way, he saw a huge walnut tree and climb it.


The Shepperd went up high of the tree to reach the fruit.


While he was enjoying the fresh walnuts, a strong wind started blowing. He wanted to come down, but it seemed impossible and got scared.


The wind was moving the tree’s branches very severe, and he knew he would fall and hurt himself badly or even die.

He looked at the sky and said: “Dear God; if you let me come down safely, I would give my herd to the poor for your satisfaction.”


And he kept begging God for a miracle.

Suddenly the wind slowed down and the Shepperd felt his safety right away. He came to a more strong branch, looked at the sky, and said: “Dear God, if I give my…

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