MIND GAMES: COVID-19 & COVID-19 PSYOPS – By Brett Wilcox

CDC has a patent on the Corona Virus — which should make you stop and think before allowing any health care worker to give you a “vaccination” for it. This is a Deep State psyops…


Source – greenmedinfo.com

“…The main COVID-19 PSYOP builds upon the traditional vaccine industry PSYOP in a frightening and ingenious way. Up until now, the architects of the vaccine paradigm and narrative have successfully convinced the majority of otherwise intelligent people that vaccines are a magical and miraculous elixir that protect against evil viruses and bacteria and that those who abstain from the sacrament of vaccination magically turn into disease bombs ready to explode on unsuspecting and innocent victims. Believers have been taught to fear and hate the healthiest individuals in society, those who have escaped the scourge of vaccination”

COVID-19 and COVID-19 PSYOPS – By Brett Wilcox

Editor’s Note: The views represented here are the opinion of the author, and are not an official endorsement. We believe in publishing a variety of perspectives, focusing on those with well-referenced citations, such as the one below. We encourage our readers to…

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