Deebing Creek’ Home of Yowies and Original custodians

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication


Deebing Creek Mission is being destroyed by “developers”. It is not only a sacred site with a long ancestral history for many tribes, counting several cemeteries and three massacre sites with mass graves. Deebing Creek is like a few Wounded Knees. It has also been a gathering place for the Sovereignty and Unity movement since decades.

The Aunties are calling the mobs to come and help protect Deebing Creek. Spread the word in your networks, help support the protectors at Deebing Creek Sovereignty Camp, near Brisbane, to save these sacred grounds.
The protectors are organizing and determined to save this sacred site of important cultural, historical, spiritual and environmental significance where the bones of the ancestors lay. On the 17th, the protectors set camp at the entrance of Orchard Properties and succeeded in having the workers sent home and the machinery…

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