X22 Report, 19 March 2020

The Shift From The [CB] Establishment Back To Main Street Is Happening Now – Episode 2126a

The entire economic system is now being shifted from the [CB] establishment control to main street. Trump and the patriot needed a way to do this while requesting aid for millions of Americans. The economy is about to take off, the first phase is almost complete.

It Has Begun, Message Sent, We Are Now Ready To Spring Forward – Episode 2126b

The [DS]/MSM event is now falling apart rapidly, Trump and the patriots knew their playbook, the exposed the MSM the [DS] players and now they are trapped by their own doing. Trump let everyone know that there is possible cure, he has now begun the process of removing fear and panic. Patriots are in full control.

Entering a Cycle of Love

13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT White Electric Dog

Today is White Electric Dog that kicks off the Season of Love! This is a 65-day cycle that concludes on Spectral Moon 21, (22 May 2020), White Lunar Wizard.                                                                                                                          

Today the spring equinox (Northern hemisphere) brings us balance of the solar and lunar energies. Synchronically, in today’s fifth force oracle, we see the Sun as the antipode and Moon as the analog. We have the Wizard of Timelessness guiding us, with the hidden power of the Spectral Monkey (11.11), helping us to liberate our…

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Deer Moon Astrology 3/19/2020



“The word ‘equinox’ simply means ‘of equal length’ and refers to the twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness at this point in the year. It was originally thought to stem from two Latin words aequus meaning equal and nox meaning night. The word ‘Vernal’, as this equinox is often called, is derived from the Latin word vernus meaning ‘of spring’.”

 Carole Carlton, Mrs Darley’s Pagan Whispers: A Celebration of Pagan Festivals, Sacred Days, Spirituality and Traditions of the Year

The Sun’s entrance into Aries this evening at 8:49 PM PDT marks the Spring Equinox. There are increasingly intriguing threads of insight to follow today, under the Mars-Jupiter conjunction. This is an extremely expansive atmosphere and, most likely, a return to tangible and methodical planning. However, we are unlikely to find any tangible footholds quite yet. Next Tuesday’s New Moon (2:28 AM PDT 4° Aries) will see us expanding out in multiple…

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Happy Equinox!

Laura Bruno's Blog

Spring Blessings in the Northern Hemisphere … Autumn Blessings to the Southern Hemisphere! Just a quick thing I noticed while checking transits today: Chiron sits at exactly 5 degrees 00 minutes Aries. I’ve had several dreams mentioning “5 Aries,” as well as major synchronicities the first day of the first 5 Aries dream.

These synchronicities have continued to unfold in powerful, attention grabbing ways, so seeing Chiron, the Wounded Healer, at 5 Aries at this moment of equal light and dark seems significant. The Sabian Symbol for 5 Aries seems like a good thing to ponder today:


KEYNOTE:The capacity for self-transcending.

This is the symbol of the desire to reach a higher level of existence, of pure aspiration or devotion, of bhakti. What has emerged in the first phase of the process of differentiation is becoming aware of the possibility of…

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Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Happy Anniversary, Mitch!

Mitch Teemley


My wife and I are celebrating our 35th engagement anniversary tonight. Quietly and intimately, with a candle-lit dinner and a bottle of our favorite wine, at the most exclusive eatery in town: our house.

You may have caught the reference to Márquez’s novel Love in the Time of Cholera. Why? Well, for one thing: it was published in 1985, the year we became engaged (and got married). For another, it’s a story of love struggling against external and internal challenges. It’s about imperfect people learning to love better.

That’s us. Or should I say Us? Because a new person, Us, came into being the day we got engaged. We’ve fought to keep Us alive and in-love against all kinds of external and internal challenges since then. The latest being the pandemic that has produced isolation, bare store shelves, dwindling funds and, yes, closed restaurants.

So we’ll be dining in

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Patriot Intel Report, 03.19.2020

Patriot Intel Report, 03.19.2020


Economy: Everything going up AND down… 5% machinations. Precious metals down. Cryptos up and down, like a sine wave. The old system is going down. Takedown of the Deep State. Economic measures being taken all over the world.

Geopolitical: COVID continues, over 9,000 deaths worldwide, 176 nations. Italy is right behind China in death stats. 151 deaths in United States. Military being deployed, national borders being shut down, FEMA regions activated, Metro in London (20) is shutting down. Potential for martial law in U.S.A. this coming week… just remember God wins! Two members of Congress have tested +. President signed Defense Production Act… converting standard industries over to producing other things… retooling, gearing up against “an invisible enemy”… the global Cabal. May have lockdowns in hot spots in cities. Some cities have mandatory curfews. National guard and military can bring in food & supplies. Could be a mandatory shutdown for two weeks. The US Stock Exchange trading floor will be shut down; all trading done remotely.

Astrological: Laura Walker Oracle Report, latest report very good, larger energetics, big picture. You can anticipate people getting “angry” this weekend. Saturn is moving into Aquarius, New Moon on 24th. Set clear intent for new astrological year, say “NO!” to fear, stay positive. Sunday-Monday… maybe something positive. Powerful weekend coming up. Feel Gratitude and Joy!

Earth Changes: Arctic cold outbreak in Europe into April. EQ in Salt Lake City, UT. Location on the edge of the North American Craton. EQs and volcanic activities possible with these energetics.

Tip of the Day: In the midst of all this, be positive AND flexible, not be dismayed by changes. Ask yourself, “What is the benefit of this?” When change happens, it is for the good. Be like water, flow…

Prophetic Word of the Day: God is bringing the answers to several prayers you have been praying…

The Deep State is going down. The fiat dollar system is going down. Suppressed tech is going to be coming out…