Patriot Intel Report, March 18, 2020

Patriot Intel Report, March 18, 2020


Economics: All markets down, down, down. Currencies are also going down. Cryptos down. Precious metals down. Entire economic system is going down. Destruction of the old so the new can come into place. Emergency $$ to people in United States? COVID is shutting economies shut-down world-wide. Las Vegas is shut down. In NYC, all restaurants and bars (taverns) shut down. UK is shutting down. Borders are being closed.

Geopolitically: All tied in together with economics… pandemic. Domestic travel by permit only in some states. Washington State has closed down all schools. San Francisco and other California cities are closing down. Watching unraveling of old system… but, but be of good cheer. It will be something very good.

Astrological Energetics: Go to Wrapping up the energetics of this new astrological year. First Day of Spring (Autumn) on 19th.

Earth Changes: Torrential rains in Columbia, South America.

Tip of Day: What you want to be during an emergency is part of the solution, not the problem. Stages: Shock, communal, edgy… 3-day marker. People may get a little snappy. Know that everything is going to be okay. Let your Light shine and relax. Be the calm person with a smile on your face.

Word of the Day: A new sign is coming to you that will change the course of things…

Be well. Be alert. WWG1WGA!