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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Callousness in the world comes from hardening of the heart. The human heart is meant to be soft and tender. Rubbing against the grain of its very tenderness makes the heart callous. A callous heart is afraid of nothing but its own tenderness. So a calloused heart is afraid of the truth of its own self, and so becomes self-serving. Callousness pushes itself to the front of the line and sees and hears nothing but its own demands.

A hard heart is not strong. Why would a strong heart have to reinforce itself? Why would a strong heart want to render itself less than tender?

A tender heart reaches far. It does not keep itself to itself. Its light shines out for more than itself.

A heart needs no defense. A heart is meant to give genially. A moat around your heart keeps love out. Love isn’t to…

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