Patriot Intel Report, March 17, 2020

Patriot Intel Report, March 17, 2020


For patriots with no where to go…

Economics: Major machinations (10% or more) in markets yesterday, now slowly reversing, in all categories. We are watching the takedown of the old Central Bank system. You are seeing the takedown of the Federal Reserve NOW! Don’t panic; this is a good thing. The new foundation is ready to go. America is beginning to shutdown.

Geopolitical/Astrological Energetics: New Moon in one week, beginning new astrological year. Saturday, Saturn (big gov’t) will move into Aquarius. Active energetics. COVID 93 US cases. American testing will come online soon. Mandatory shutdowns. Many people will panic, but God wins. Spain and Italy have been hit hard.

The Leveling… what is high will be low and what is low will be made high…

The Democratic “leaders” Schumer and Pelosi say they don’t want to return to Washington D.C.

The United States is calling back all the troops that were sent to Europe.

Earth Changes: Cyclone in Egypt / Middle East, worst storm in 40 years. Late winter storm brings heavy snowfall to drought-stricken California Sierra Nevada.

Tip of Day: Do your best to protect your immune system. Heart, mind, and body.

Word of the Day: God is going to give you the language you need to connect with strategic people.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!