Social Distancing: Not an Act of Fear or Selfishness, but an Act of Compassion

Cosmic Christ

An article by Diana Roy

Doug Esse: Diana is a dear friend of mine, a fellow student of the Law of One, a friend to the L/L Research group ( who is the steward of the Law of One material, and an extremely positively polarized person. She wrote this in a Facebook comment and I asked her for permission to post it here.


Diana Roy:

Want to share some simple thoughts and opinions. It’s OK to disagree, but I figured I’d do my part to say what I think matters right now.

People without symptoms can and do transmit coronavirus to others, so being asymptomatic doesn’t equal safe to socialize; you can still give and get the virus when you feel fine and the people around you feel fine.

Social distancing is not an act of fear or selfishness, but an act of compassion. Social distancing is not mainly…

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