RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH: ‘Mother Europe’, The Nazi Plans for a United Europe – By Guillaume Durocher


Source – unz.com

– “…Hot on the heels of Hitler’s conquest of France, there were many different opinions among the Germans as to what they should do with their newfound hegemony in Western Europe…If we wish to secure the economic leadership of the European continent which is absolutely necessary in order to strengthen the economy of the European continent as the core area of the white race, and which will in fact do so, then for understandable reasons we must not publicly proclaim it as a German Greater Economic Space”

The Nazi Plans for a United Europe – By Guillaume Durocher

Easter 1942 French postcard reading: “Our Mother, Europe”

Europe is a continent of such heterogeneity – whether in terms of states, languages, nationalities, or geography – that no one has ever really succeeded in organizing it into a coherent geopolitical whole. This is despite the demand among statesmen, businesses…

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